Natal/Birth Chart Analysis-  An overview of your Birth Chart/Horoscope with insight into the most important areas of your life. Focus is generally placed on finances, career/work, relationships (children, parents, spouse, partners, friends, siblings) and the body. Any specific questions you may have can also be addressed.  (What I need from you: Name, birth date, birth time and birth place).

Fee- $125 for 1 hour. Another half hour may be added for an additional $70 for a 90 minute total for $195.

Solar Return/Annual Update- Questioning what the current year or even the year(s) ahead hold? What is currently most important and pressing? Where are you currently on your path in life? A Solar Return Analysis can provide you with information that is essential for you during any given year (birthday to brthday). How will work, finances, relationships or anything else that interests you be going during this time? You owe it to yourself to find out and make the most of it.

Fee- $125 for 1 hour (one full year update) or $70 for 30 minutes (6 month update).

Child’s Natal/Birth Chart Analysis- Unlock the mystery and psychological type of your child, important personality traits, emotional needs or fears, their relationship to you, gifts and talents, challenges and areas where support is needed. You, the parent or guardian of this child, are one of the most important people in his or her life. Be able to encourage the growth and development of your child and gain wonderful insight into his or her behaviors and character from an early age and advantage point.  (What I need from you: Child’s name, birth date, birth time and birth place).

Fee- $65 for 1 hour (This rate is just over half the adults rate but I feel so strongly about having children’s charts done that I provide this great discount. Note: Children are 0-18 years old.)

Horary Chart- A specific classical method and technique of astrology that can accurately answer any question you may have and flush out specific and helpful details.  From finding lost items or missing pets to making important decisions or choices about jobs or career, home or living situations, moves, schools and education choices, finances and investing, children, relationships or travel and vacations. This type of chart does not require any birth date information, the chart is simply drawn up for when you ask your serious question.  (What I need from you: just your question, so ask away).

Fee- $70 per question (includes up to 30 minutes of talk time with the client).

Electional Chart-  Choosing the best moment in time for an important endeavor or undertaking. Events like weddings, parties, trips, interviews, surgeries, opening  a business and much more.  (What I need from you: time frame, month or week most helpful, you have in mind for your undertaking or event).

Fee- $70 per event (includes up to 30 minutes of talk time with the client).

NOTE-  If none of the services above seem to fit your current needs you may simply schedule a session with me at $125 per hour or $70 per half hour to ask and or discuss whatever is on your mind.

Fee- $125 per 1 hour or $70 per half hour.

Payment must be recieved prior to any sessions or work preformed. Forms of payment are as follows:



1) Credit Card via PayPal submitted to

2) Checks payable to Steven Clair (note checks must clear bank prior to session or work preformed)

3) Gift Certificate (If you are in possession of a gift certificate I must recieve it from you prior to session or work preformed)

4) Cash (good old greenbacks, mainly suited for in person consultations)