My primary focus and duty in my private consultations with clients is to Illuminate the Past, Discuss the Present and Provide Direction for the Future.  So how do I do this and why is Astrology so practical?  When the average person hears the word Astrology they think of theirs or someones Sun sign, right? That is a start but only a small fraction of the entire picture.  It is like saying jeez love the rhinestones on your dress.  Well what about the dress? A persons chart or horoscope is made up of many moving parts. Astrology looks at all those parts to assess and look at every facet of your life.  So focus is always good in cases like this.  What do you need or want to know?  Personality traits, Income and Money, Family, Parents, Home, Children, Friends, Work, Career, Body, Siblings, the Neighbors, Education, Travel, Marriage, Pets and yes Romance along with anything else. Say you want to know a time to do something that is best for you and most productive?  Like when to get married, go on a date, start a business, take a trip, sign a contract, apply for a job, etc.  Lost something, look and look but no find Astrology can help. Lost a pet or even a person same thing. Is it decision time, like which car to buy, which house to buy, apartment to rent, job to take, school to go to and the list goes on.  At this point in my career I don’t think there is anything that you could need information on that Astrology could not be of help to you.

My more spiritual or lofty approach to Astrology is one which asks some of the following questions: What is our individual connection to the World, Cosmos and Spirit? How can we best operate in our current world and life situation to grow, succeed and overcome challenges and further our understanding of ourselves and that which is around us? What is our purpose in this lifetime and how can we best fulfill it?  Astrology can provide us with this information too.

I believe that it is extremely important to understand and become aware of who we are, what we are about and why we are here in the first place. Astrology is a tool that can provide us with these answers through our Natal or Birth Chart which is our blueprint or road map for life on Earth. Knowing and understanding our Natal or Birth Chart helps us to comprehend the reasons for events that happen in our lives and navigate our way through them.  To be able to seize on them and act on them.  So regardless of whether or not these events are “perceived by us” in terms of good or bad, they are ultimately neither, but ways to move us along our life path to enable us to become all we were meant to be and fulfill our life purpose

It is my opinion that the earlier we come to understand and integrate this information into our lives the better equipped we are to understand and live life the way we were meant to. That is why I also feel so very strongly about having childrens charts done at an early age. As an invaluable insight into a child’s personality, motivations and life potential along with identifying any pitfalls or challenges providing understanding very early on. There is nothing more valuable for a parent or guardian than having their child’s Natal or Birth Chart done at an early age.

I have been a professional astrologer for over 2 decades now.  I live in the San Diego Metro Area (El Cajon) as a transplant from Philadelphia, PA via San Francisco. I have taken and attended a number of astrological classes and courses over the years to further my knowledge and hone my skills to assist my clients.  Including: Robert Zoller’s Medieval Astrology Course, AFA- Horary Course, Christopher Warnock’s Renaissance and Horary Astrology Courses, Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic and Horary Courses, Mentoring Class Course with Alphee Lavoie and Judith Hill’s Medical Astrology Course.  I have a world wide client base.  I have been a guest on a variety of radio and TV programs over the years.  I have also had the pleasure and honor to be the monthly horoscope content writer for Llewellyn’s Yearly Astrological Calendar in the past.  I also teach and lecture on astrology extensively.  I am a member of AFA (Astrological Federation of Astrologers).

As a child and teenager I was raised in a religiously conservative home but was still always very curious about other Gods, religions and cultures. So as a late teenager I found myself on a journey leading me to looking into many different belief systems. I studied their  philosophies and texts but found, at least to me, all belief systems were basically the same and even to have similiar ancient roots.  By my early 20’s I had already lived abroad in Germany for a few years when I decided it was finally time to start university. I decided to major in German and minor in a few other languages.  Though within a short period of time I also decided to add a major in Philosophy and minors in History and Religion.   I am fluent in both English and German.